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Shri Surya Pal Gangwar, I.A.S.
(District Magistrate)
The district of Raebareli, which was created by the British in 1858, is named after its headquarters town. Tradition has it that the town was founded by the Bhars and was known as Bharauli or Barauli which in course of time changed into Bareli. The prefix, Rae,represents Rai, the common title of the Kayasth's. The town is situated at the bank of the Sai river, 82 km southeast of Lucknow. Raebareli is located in the heartland of the famous Awadh region which was the part of ancient Koshala kingdom...know more
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विधायक निधि प्रगति सूचना
अभियारतीयों उ०प्र० दुकान एव वाणिज्य अधिष्ठान अधिनियम 1962
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